DIY Herb Teacup Wedding Favours

Hello! I’m Chloe from Adore, welcome along to DIY fortnightly Friday where I share my favourite makes and crafty ideas to help you add a personal touch to your wedding day!


The one thing I’d encourage anyone planning their wedding to do is to put your personality into it! Write down a list of the things you love, music you like, your favourite foods, places, hobbies, etc, etc then think of ways you can bring these into your day?! For example if you love pretty vintage china, cooking or gardening this week’s project is a perfect way of making your wedding favours a bit more personal…



*Image credit – Intimate Weddings


The beauty of these is that they are a relatively inexpensive and easy to make. Your guests will pick them up with a smile and think “ah that’s so xxx{insert your name here}xxx”, plus they’ll make your tables look pretty :-) You can pick up a vintage china teacup and saucer for a couple of pounds each at antiques fairs then simply add potting soil and your herbs!


What do you think? What wedding favours are you having? Are you buying or DIY-ing your favours?


Chloe x

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